How to Build (Requirement)

Sample Code


Required Visual C++ 2005/2008 Standard Edition, 2010 Professional Edition or higher because of using MFC.


Required Visual C# 2005/2008/2010 Express Edition or higher.


Required Visual C++ 2005 Standard / 2008/2010 Express Edition or higher.


Required Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition + Platform SDK.
- Add Include File Path "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Platform SDK\Include"
- Add Include File Path "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Platform SDK\Include\mfc"
- Add Library File Path "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Platform SDK\Lib"

SYS (NT Driver)

Required WDK (Windows Driver Kits)

  1. Get WDK from MSDN
  2. Install WDK
  3. Open Build Environment
    x86 : "Windows 2000 Free Build Environment"
    x64 : "Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 x64 Free Build Environment" (depends on WDK version)
    cd (WinRing0)\source\dll\sys
  4. build

VxD (9x Driver)

Required Windows XP SP1 DDK + Win Me support

  1. Get Windows XP SP1 DDK from MSDN
  2. Install Windows XP SP1 DDK with Win Me support
  3. Open "Win Me Free Build Environment"
  4. cd (WinRing0)\source\dll\vxd
  5. nmake